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Praise Factory 

The Praise Factory’s name is derived from Psalm 100: a psalm encouraging us to be Manufacturers of noisy joy (v.1) unto the Lord., To Sing (v. 2), To Know (v.3), & To Worship Him with Thanksgiving and Praise (v.4), that the witness of His great faithfulness might continue through all generations (v.5).

Praise Factory is a five year, multi age, children’s systematic theology for kindergarten
through 4th grade. It is comprised of 95 key theological concepts of the faith -- called "Big Ideas"--
divided into 15 units, standard to a systematic theology. These concepts, centering on the Godhead,
the Church and personal holiness, are basic to Christianity.

We cover one Big Idea each month. Each Big Idea has three weeks of stories that reinforce the Big Idea for the month.  This program is very visitor friendly and since we cover a Big Idea for a whole month they won’t miss a beat if they start any time throughout the month. We also utilize a bible memory program that is adopted from Capitol Hill Baptist Church, which is the church that the Praise Factory Program is also adopted from. The purpose of the bible memory program is to provide extra bible memory verses for those children that feel that they want to learn more about God.

Story Time 

The first section is Story Time.  This time is when the children will listen to the story for the Big Idea that we are covering for the month and we will also review the verse that the children will be learning for the month.

Activity Time 

There is a different activity each week.  One week we do a craft that reinforces the big idea, another week we play games that correlate to the big idea, and another week we focus on missions. During Mission week we study a person(s); this could be anyone from VOM, persecuted pastors, a pastor that CGBC supports, or people who are in prison for spreading the Gospel, or any other missionary. The rotation will change from week to week so as to keep the children surprised when they come each week.

Store Night 

One week a month will be store/movie night. During store night children can buy toys and different things with the money that they earn.  The can earn money a number of ways such as: attending each week, participating in the activity, memorizing their verse, bringing their items for missions, and for answering questions during story time.


Children are to bring in $1 for their Mission Fund. Also we are collecting items for Manna Bags: Bottled water, socks, gloves, granola bars, Crackers, Raisins, toothpaste, Toothbrush, and Soap. Items should be travel size.

Big Idea and Scripture Memory 

BIG IDEA #12: The Lord is Omnipotent

“Omnipotent” means “all” (omni) “powerful” (potens). The Lord is all powerful.

Scripture Memory Verse:

Psalm 135:5-6
“I know that the LORD is great, that our Lord is greater than all gods. The LORD does whatever pleases Him, in the
heavens and on the earth, in the seas and all their depths.”


ACTS Prayer 

Each month the children get a new ACTS Prayer Sheet to help aid the children in their practice of learning to pray. The children are to come up with their own examples for each word and use these in their prayers throughout the week. ACTS stands for: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication.

Adoration: Praise God for….

Big Idea:….being more powerful than anyone else and always being able to do what He wants to do.

Confession: Forgive us Lord, for….

Big Idea:….the many times we want to rebel against Your ways, Your power and do things our own way. We confess that many times when we’re in trouble, we doubt that God is really powerful enough to help us.  

Thanksgiving: Thank you God for….

Big Idea:….for being so powerful that He can always rescue us and always keep all His promises to us.

Supplication: Lord we ask you to….

Big Idea:….make our requests to our all-powerful God.

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